About Ethiopia

About Ethiopia

Ethiopian Historical Significance

The nation is respected all over Africa because Ethiopia was the central spot for giving moral support in order to decolonize the entire continent. Furthermore, Ethiopia has gained worldwide admiration by defeating Italy and exerting a prominent role in WW2.
Apart from the historic side, Ethiopia is now recognized as a developing nation with a 109 million population and 772.31 USD GDP rate per capita. So, it is understood that Ethiopia is not only a good place to start a new life, but also is a wonderful place to visit anytime.

Ethiopian Land

It is believed that Ethiopia is the land where humans first learned to walk on two legs. Thanks to its highly fertile lands, each year a big part of the coffee production comes from this country. The source of the Nile, fertile soil and intact ancient culture truly make the country blessed from every aspect. However, that does not mean that the country is full of agricultural land; rather a massive part of its lands is packed with rich architecture, natural beauty, royal ruins of castles, modern skyscraper, and more.

Ethiopia is also the home of a lot of intellectuals, including scientists, philosophers, rulers, and more. An interesting fact is that the country is situated in the middle of the earth, so it is easily accessible from most of the countries. Tourists may not need to make long transits to get there.

Climate in Ethiopia

It is almost impossible to determine the general climate and exact average temperature of Ethiopia. In every Ethiopian zone, the climate varies. The approximate temperature of the Ethiopian highlands is around 20°C. It may rise to 30°C on low land sometimes. So, the best time to visit Ethiopia starts between February and November. However, travelers need to carry both heavy coats and light clothing items if they want to visit different regions of Ethiopia.

Business and Job Opportunities in Ethiopia

Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, and a few other nations. As a result, Ethiopia has established a prominent position among its neighboring nations to support the financial backbone of Africa. Also, the country has lots of flights – taking off and touch down that make a gateway to enter into the other continents of Africa.

Based on this aspect, it is easily understood that in Ethiopian cities, getting a good job is relatively easier if someone has the minimum skills and qualifications.

Just like the other countries, starting a business from scratch is a bit challenging in Ethiopia but it may not require much investment. The country is in a good developing state but to be honest, people from a developed nation might not be content regarding job opportunities in Ethiopia at first. However, the scenarios are changing nowadays due to the advancement of technology and the flow of urbanization.

People and Lifestyle in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has the perks of having a large population. Almost 109.2 million people of over 80 ethnic groups reside here and all of them together keep the financial wheel spinning. Also, the literacy rate of the country is high compared with other African states. So, they are very friendly, generous, and hospitable. They willingly entertain their guests, including strangers and tourists.

The best thing about the Ethiopians is that they respect everyone from their heart, and behave accordingly. They do not take their seats until their guests sit comfortably in their positions and do not eat or serve themselves foods until they feed something to their guests first. These are some of the common gestures of respect among the Ethiopians.

They generally start a conversation asking ‘How are you?’ and ‘How is your family?’. The tourists need to remember that Ethiopians are not comfortable talking about their personal matters much, but they will be happy to share thoughts about their family and friends with foreigners

When it comes to talking about daily life for the Ethiopians, it is pretty simple. They work hard, sleep tight, and love to enjoy social meetings. The major discussions or fun times of the Ethiopian people take place on the dining tables of cafes and houses because they usually take meals together in groups. The country has poverty and wealth, but the majority of Ethiopians live in rural areas.

Tourism in Ethiopia

The old scenario of tourism in Ethiopia is now changing. About a decade ago there were not many tourists each year in Ethiopia just to at least support the GPD of the country. Because of the development in the technological field, now people recognize Ethiopia as one of the best countries to unveil the mystery of nature and ancient culture. From high mountain peaks to the lowest point of land can be perceived by visiting the country. The most common historic sights situated in Ethiopia are national parks and famous cities featuring heritage sites.

In the late 1970s, the country greatly suffered from the lack of tourists because of non-suitable hotels and poor infrastructure but it is really astonishing how after 2006-2007, the country becomes the best to offer privileges, hotels, and safety to the foreign visitors more than the other nations of Africa.

The experience of seeing places and enjoying the foods of Ethiopia is always good but it gets better when tourists enjoy its local festivals. Everyone finds here a distinct vibe to celebrate festivals because of different dress codes, cultural rituals, and unique activities. For getting around the places, the country has multiple public kinds of transports, including buses, minibusses, and taxis. However, it would be a better idea to take a taxi or bus while traveling late at night.

Ethiopian Cuisine

African cuisines are always unique, but Ethiopian cuisines have a whole new level of experiencing it. Instead of a plate full of rice and steak, most of the meals consist of a large number of vegetables and thick pieces of spicy meats. Each served meal is adequate even for two persons. The typical meals of the Ethiopians may seem simple until the tongue buds get the actual taste of it. Also, some of the best meal preparation methods are still world-secrets. Some famous Ethiopian dishes are Kitfo, Tibs, Beyainatu, and a lot more.