Welcome to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a clipped nation of Africa located near the horn of Somalia. In contrast with the African countries, this state is different in terms of culture and history. Tourists may even get a blended flavor of ancient Egypt here because Ethiopia is certainly good at keeping the customs and their heritage intact for ages. If you are curious to know more about Ethiopia, you are at the right place as here we will explore this beautiful land of the “burnt faces”.
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Ethiopia Tours

While Ethiopia is mostly visited due to its impressive national parks, the African nation offers a lot more than that. Packed with luscious greens, calm lakes, hills, and valleys, the landscape of Ethiopia is simply a treat to the traveler's eyes. As the country is blessed by both natural and man-made historical artifacts, one can have it all within a reasonable price range in Ethiopia.

Welcome to Queenstown

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National Parks in Ethiopia

When it comes to national parks, the Horn of Africa offers nine different locations adorned with distinct offerings for its spectators. Whether you are into rich wildlife, grassy savanna, high mountains, calm lakes, or vast deserts, the beautiful landscape of the Ethiopian national parks will provide it all.

If you do not have plans to travel throughout the country to visit all its magnificent parks, check out here as we compile the must-visit Ethiopian National Parks here.

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Ethiopia facts

An interesting fact is that the country is situated in the middle of the earth, so it is easily accessible from most of the countries.
Tourists may not need to make long transits to get there.

Climate in Ethiopia

So, the best time to visit Ethiopia starts between February and November.


Tourism in Ethiopia

The most common historic sights situated in Ethiopia are national parks and famous cities featuring heritage sites.

Ethiopian Cuisine

African cuisines are always unique, but Ethiopian cuisines have a whole new level of experiencing it.

Nearby Attractive Spots

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Hotels and Resorts

When you have already made plans to travel to Ethiopia to take a peek at its heavenly offerings, the next thing you need to focus on is the residence. Choosing the right hotel or resort is highly essential.
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Ethiopian Culture

Besides the cultural information, the country has a lot of wonderful facts and histories
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Health and Safety

A well-known country called Ethiopia is indeed the safest destination to travel in Africa.
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